I went in for my weekly OB appointment on Friday May 1 and lo and behold, my blood pressure was off the charts! My OB recommended that it was time and that I should head home, pack my bag and head straight to the hospital.

I was not ready. I was not prepared. I had plans. Plans to spend my last weekend with my one and only child, Avery.

I had a meltdown at the hospital when they hooked me back up and check on my blood pressure. It was still high, but not as high as it was at my OB appointment. The doctor saw how distressed I was and told me that since my induction was already set on Monday he would send me home tonight, but I would have to come back tomorrow and if my blood pressure doesn’t go back down then it was go time! I was relieved and agreed to come back tomorrow, more calm and better prepared.

So I enjoyed my last evening with Avery…we played legos, read a ton of books, watched Coco and ate ice-cream. It was the best. As I layed next to him, I cried and thanked God for blessing me with such a beautiful little soul, the best big brother anyone could ask for.

The following morning, we dropped Avery off to his cousins place and headed to the hospital around 10 am. My blood pressure was back up and so it was induction time.

On May 3 at 3:50 am we welcomed baby Reagan Nari Reyes

You are everything I hoped and dreamed for… and more.

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