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  1. Camille,
    I don’t remember the last time I saw you! I loved reading your blog because you’ve given me inspiration. You are so strong to maintain a positive attitude throughout everything and you’re even blogging about it! While reading your blog I felt like even on my darkest days where I feel miserable I can think about you and how strong you are. I think you are doing great and I hope you have a great recovery. I look forward to reading more of your updates!

    P.S. Please keep me updated since no one tells me anything around here ­čśŤ

  2. Dearest Camille,

    I don’t know if you remember me, but we went to Sanchez together. After reading about your diagnosis and proceeding treatment, I felt obligated to reach out and give what I could because your story stands as an inspiration for me in the midst of the trials I have had to face with the passing of my father from colon cancer almost 7 months ago. Ostensibly, I solemnly pray to the Lord and the Holy Virgin for your speedy recovery and continued strength and resolve to beat this terrible disease. You are a survivor! May you thrive and flourish from this point forward. May God Bless You and your loving friends and family. And yes, dear friend, you are not alone in this fight! Fight to Live. One Love.

  3. Isaiah 58:8
    Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard. (NIV)

  4. You are a beautiful strong woman clothed in
    STRENGTH and DIGNITY and you still laugh without fear of the future.
    I am inspired by you because even with all that you are going through
    you still manage to put a smile on your look great as always and it’s good
    to see that you are recovering slowly. We may not be close friends but we are definitely
    are good acquaintances.even so, I’d like to do what I can to help
    you in your journey. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Continue to have faith and live strong.
    You are so blessed to have so many friends that care about you. Take care. Much love.

  5. Hi Camille,

    You may not remember me but we went to highschool together. I just found out about you through Gina in Instragram. She posted a flyer for fundraiser. I read your blog that you collect snowglobes. ­čÖé I would like to send you one.


  6. Hello Camille
    I subscribe to you blog and I always find time to read it. I just read your blog and I’m so sad to learn that it’s back again ­čśŽ I really admire you for being strong. You are in our prayers Camille and you can beat this!!! We love you from your family in England ­čÖé
    Love ate jinky

  7. Hi Camille,
    It’s Dora, we met once at Diane and Joey’s in NM. I’m Devon’s nina too. I’ve been reading your blog after seeing the link on Diane’s instagram page. You’re doing great about keeping positive and that takes strength. I’m keeping you in my prayers for this battle you’re facing. God bless you and keep you strong. Love from Saipan, Dora.

  8. Hi Camille,
    I’m friend with Mel, met you few times at Ethan’s bday party and dinner cruise. I’ve been reading your blog since last yr. I’m so sorry to hear the cancer is back.
    Be strong and be positive!! I understand it’s not easy to do but try your best ­čÖé you will be in my prayer!!
    You can do it!!

  9. So sorry to hear about the cancer back. Be strong and know you are not alone. Healing thoughts and prayers to you always. Wellness and peace in the days to come…Tita ming

  10. Cams,

    It seems like ages ago when I last saw you. I was so glad to see that big, warm, infectious smile on your face, despite all the hardships you’ve faced. I just want you to know that I’m still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I’m sure you have a wonderful team of family, friends, and doctors who are doing all they can to help you win this battle. I have all the respect in the world for you for the way you have persevered and stayed positive during what has certainly been a grueling past couple of years. Keep staying strong and don’t ever stop fighting.


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