photo-2 (7)I have the most amazing and supportive family and friends anyone can ask for.
  • My mom, whose been an emotional wreck since she arrived, has been nothing but supportive. It’s hard to convince her that everything’s going to be okay, but she can’t help but be a mother!
  • My sister Diane who flew up from New Mexico has been with me since day one of surgery. She’s a NICU nurse so it’s comforting to have her by my side.
  • My dearest friends Melanie, Muriel, Nancy, Jaimee, Michelle, Elvira, and Stephanie are amazing. There undying support and unconditional love have made this journey easier for me. Not to mention I now have the best Mac laptop ever!
  • I can never thank Patti enough for welcoming me and my family into her beautiful home. I feel spoiled with all the gluten-free organic yet scrumptious meals she’s been preparing.
I love these women more than anything and I can’t ask for a better support group. Thank you.

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