I made this Homemade Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume for my son, Avery, who is 18 months old and we really wanted him to be Stay Puft! We are Ghostbusters fans and couldn’t wait to see him in it, now that he was old enough to walk and endure the costume!I made the bib and the hat completely from scratch and the body was two white stretchy tops and pants (SO hard to find white infant stretch pants), lined together and stuffed.

Here’s how it all came together!

2 white leggings (different sizes)
2 white long sleeves (different sizes)
needle & thread
classic fiber fill (pillow stuffing)
blue, white & red felt
plastic container

The Body (Puff-tastic!)
The key to this costume was the PUFF factor. It was trail and error trying to figure out the right sizing. After many trips to Target & Old Nayy, I went with size 18 months and a size 2T for the leggings. For the top I went with a size 3T and a 5T since I wanted a more looser fit. The reason for the 2 sizes is because you will line & sew them together; the smaller size on the inside and the larger being on the outside. Make sure you leave an opening so that you can stuff it to your liking.

The Accessories (Felt-errific!)
Mr. Stay Puft has three key accessories – a bib, a scarf, and a hat.  In this case, Avery’s size was an advantage, because I could make everything with standard 8×10 pieces of felt!

For the bib, I used a light blue felt and cut a hole for the neck. I then added a strip of white felt around the bib. I placed 4 round velcro to the back of the blue felt and place the exact same on the neck of the white long sleeve – that way it would stay still and not move around to much.

For the scarf, I cut 2 pieces of red felt and created a knot. I then glue that to the back of the bib, low enough to see the knot hanging.

For the hat, I started with a plastic container (the ones you get when you order take-out food) and cut the bottom off. I used white felt to cover the container. I cut a stripe of blue felt and also white ’STAY PUFT’ letterings and glue those together to be placed around the hat. Then I added a stripe of red felt and top that off with a blue round felt for the top of the hat. Last, I added white stretchy string so that it will stay on Avery’s head.

Voila! Mr. Toddler Stay Puft!

Avery was a such a good sport sport and wore it twice to a friends costume party and to Woodland Park Zoo on Halloween!  I even cobbled together last-minute Ghostbusters outfits for Andre and myself so that we could have a family costume theme.

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