Oh boy, today is the launch date for my website. I’m pretty nervous about it because everyone will know what I’ve been going through the past month. I never thought of myself as a blogger because my life was never that interesting to begin with and now here I am blogging about life…. my life! This is one tough journey and it still feels so unreal considering how healthy I feel. Turning thirty was supposed to be one of the best years of my life (according to 35-45 years olds), but not for me. I’m obviously looking forward to better days and better years. Here’s hoping my mid-thirties have more in store for me!

I just want to thank everyone that continues to fight along with me! You guys keep me motivated and because of you I’ll never give up!

One thought on “…GOES LIVE!

  1. This is a brave & courageous endeavor! I’m so proud of what you & your friends have accomplished with this site. Since Leiomyosarcoma is rare, this will also help to educate people & make them aware of this cancer. You may be helping others in the future who will be going through the same diagnosis.

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