I’ve decided to take the creative approach this year and put in some hard work and created my very own original home-made costume.
I’ve decided to be my favorite collector’s item… a snow globe! I figured, why not be something I love? This costume actually took about 3 weeks to make. I had to use a decent amount of acetate for the dome and foam for everything else. I used a good variety of spray paint for color and cotton balls to give it that snowy effect. I chose Hawaii because it obviously stands out and reminds me of home. The top of the dome had a little peep hole so that it was easy for people to hand me food and drinks. I’m surprised that the final product was a huge success not to mention it’s a costume I can reuse over and over again! So just ‘Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture’!
Final Sale! No return, no exchanges, no refunds!

17 thoughts on “DIY: SNOW GLOBE COSTUME

  1. Oh my god cam!!!! I love love love the costume!!!! It’s amazing!!!!! Great job!!!! You look adorable!!!! Made me smile to the moon and back!! 😉

  2. I absolutely LOVE this costume and, I want to make it for Me this year for a Halloween contest. I really would love to have the instructions so I can print them off to make this. Thank you so very much.. Kelly

      1. Hi Kelly, Hi Karen,

        The base of the costume was being held by my hips. I made the base a little snug so it can sit perfectly around my hips. For the acetate I used the Dura-Lar – thickness is .010. I purchased this on amazon and found it to hold the dome shape quite well compared to the other acetate.

        I originally got the idea from this website :
        I was able to replicate the size and shape from there.

        I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

        Hope the costume turns out great! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Thank you so much for posting this!!!

    Was the dome glued down? Or did you put the foam on and then place the dome on top? Just wondering how you get in and out.

    1. Hi Sid,

      I glued the dome to the foam beforehand. I made the hole on the foam wide enough for me to shimmy inside. The foam basically sat on my hips while I was wearing it.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope that answers your questions.


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