Making: love grams
Cooking: adobo
Drinking: IPA’s
Reading: The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty
Wanting: a new bathing suit
Looking: forward to meeting Addison Libby
Playing: with Snapchat
Wasting: time thinking whether…to Instagram or not?!?
Sewing: nothing; the machine is still in the box
Wishing: that I was more tech. savvy
Enjoying:  the extra 20 mins. of sleep I get on the bus
Waiting: to get a much needed massage…a looooong one
Liking: the hint of spring in the air. the sun. the flowers. the hope of warmer days ahead. bliss.
Wondering: why I hear Spanish commercials while listening to Pandora
Loving: the new movie LEGOS…it was AWWWWESOME!!!
Hoping: that I get to see my brother, dea, & mae real soon
Marveling: at how fortunate I am
Needing: more SPACE in my laptop and on my phone!
Smelling: Valuspa “Santiago Huckleberry” candle
Wearing: my SEAHAWKS beanie
Following: bloggers
Noticing:  how many people are getting ticketed for jay walking in downtown
Knowing: that I should be going to bed earlier more often and exercising more
Watching: Glee, I’m on the 3rd season
Listening: to “The Ballad of Love and Hate” by The Avett Brothers
Thinking: about home décor
Feeling: nervous about taking swimming classes
Bookmarking: my next vacation spot
Opening: Leila’s birthday party invitation
Giggling: at how strange it is to have bangs again
Feeling: hopeful

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