IMG_3411IMG_7361IMG_3413I want to start off by thanking my dearest friends for being there every step of the way. From helping create the website, to planning events, and helping me to get up to walk around.

Day one of recovery has been quite painful. My incision hurts more than the first surgery. I have the worst sore throat and I’m nauseous all the time. I try to sleep it off, but the continuous tossing and turning makes it difficult to get a good nights rest.

The doctors have ok’d liquids and solids, but with the nausea I’m unable to keep any of it down. I feel miserable right now.

2 thoughts on “GIRL POWER

  1. Sending you positive thoughts and energy! I am totally following your blog which always brings me to tears – sad ones because I wish I could help take away your pain, and happy ones because I so love your awesome support system!

    Thinking of you…and Auntie, Uncle, Donna, Kathy, and Carlo… and your friends!

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