I got discharged from UW hospital yesterday, which I thought was a little too quick considering I just had major surgery four days ago. They removed all my staples and replaced it with steri strips. My PICC line was also removed and my poor arm looks so bruised up. I’ve been feeling quite miserable since [...]


I want to acknowledge and give a great big shout out to Dr. Venu Pillarisetty, my surgical oncologist. He exuded so much confidence in his own capabilities, I knew from day one I was in good hands. Working with him has been an incredible journey. He has always been so upfront about the pros and [...]


It has been 2 days since surgery and already they have me getting up and walking around. This is really hard to do since the pain of getting in/out of bed is agonizing. On another note, I’m able to eat normal food again. So I decided to go for the beef tenderloin as my first [...]


I want to start off by thanking my dearest friends for being there every step of the way. From helping create the website, to planning events, and helping me to get up to walk around. Day one of recovery has been quite painful. My incision hurts more than the first surgery. I have the worst [...]


Here’s a quick recap of my surgery day: I started my pre-surgery prep work at 8am Friday morning and didn’t finish till about 11pm. By far the worst day of August! I was instructed to drink MoviPrep, a powdered mix with water. It tasted just like floral perfume…absolutely disgusting! I had till noon to finish [...]


So I’m back in the ER after vomiting and feeling nauseated the past couple of days. I just can’t seem to keep anything down and it hurts soooo bad just to throw up. I think it was the combination of stress, overexertion, and simply not taking better care of myself after being discharged . I [...]


Ahhhh…today is a beautiful day. I got discharged yesterday at 6:00 pm after a full week of recovery. It felt strange stepping out of the hospital, like I was in another world or something. Especially when it’s nice and sunny and the only clothes you have on are the pajamas you wore a week ago. [...]


Today was a huge milestone. I’ve been at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland recovering from surgery and doing pretty well. I’m able to get up on my own and walk around, plus I’m not pushing my pains meds every ten minutes. It has been six days since I have had anything to eat and I’m ready [...]