Here’s a quick recap of my surgery day:
I started my pre-surgery prep work at 8am Friday morning and didn’t finish till about 11pm. By far the worst day of August! I was instructed to drink MoviPrep, a powdered mix with water. It tasted just like floral perfume…absolutely disgusting! I had till noon to finish two liters. Uhh.. that was just almost impossible for me to do! It took me almost the entire day granted I took a six hour break from that nasty liquid. I was in and out of the bathroom and only had chicken broth and pho broth for lunch and dinner. I also had to take six Neomycin and six Metronidazole, antibiotics for the GI tract. I eventually started to feel so sick to my stomach, I’m sure I ended throwing up the last of my pills. And lastly, I had to shower with Hibiclens, a Antiseptic/Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser.
At some point in my day, everything just started to hit me at once and I couldn’t help but get pretty emotional. I just couldn’t fight the tears anymore. My head was filled with so many bad thoughts that night, it was difficult going to bed. There were some good positive thoughts too, but at that moment, all the bad outweighed the good.
On Saturday morning, I started off my day by taking another Hibiclens shower. My surgery was set for 11am, with a check-in time of 9:30 am. As we’re driving to University of Washington Hospital, I kept praying and praying and praying that everything goes smoothly. When we finally checked in and I got dressed for surgery, it wasn’t until then I felt a little more at ease. Mainly because my mom, like I mentioned before, was an emotional wreck that I felt I had to be strong for her. After a bunch of questions, hooking me up to an IV, taking pre-anesthesia pills, and getting a chance to meet the team, I was ready to get this enemy out of me.
I did it! This is was taken right after surgery. I don’t recall taking this photo and look how chubby my face looks!!!

I don’t recall ever leaving the pre-surgery/recovery room, but I do recall waking up in the same room and the nurse telling me that I was uncontrollable after the anesthesia wore off. I was having major pains in the lower part of my stomach and I kept flipping and kicking side to side while five nurses were trying to calm me down. I kept yelling out “it hurts, it hurts,” and they finally calmed me down with more pain medication. When I woke up again, I felt less pain and was definitely more calm and collective.
I’m now in my room, confined to this hospital bed for who knows how long. The first thing I see waking up are my feet and couldn’t stop think of the movie “Kill Bill” and wiggling my big toe.

5 thoughts on “WIGGLE YOUR BIG TOE

  1. The surgery is OVER!!! So glad to see you feeling less pain and have the energy to blog!!! Go Camille!!! Get as much rest as you can!! 🙂

  2. So did you wiggle it or what??? 🙂

    I hope you have visiting hours. I’d like to stop to say hello after I get back from Shanghai!

  3. I’m so sorry honey 😦 I know the feeling of being scared, anxious, nauseated & not being able to sleep that’s me allllll the time!!! its soooooo hard!!! sometimes I have to deal with that for a whole month or more, I’m praying for you friend!!! I hope you get better real soon!!! Love you!!!!!!!

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