Today was my 2 week post-op check. Doc says I’m healing really well and that I can finally remove all the steri strips which was a real relief because it was causing me to itch real bad. The latest pathology report did conclude that the type of cancer I had was indeed Leiomyosarcoma and that all traces of it was removed from my digestive tract. However, because it’s a high grade tumor, the doctor believes the chances of it coming back is pretty high. All I can do from here on out is pray that it doesn’t find its way back to me. Well, that and of course, routine checks and CT scans.
After my visit to the doctors, I figured we should make use of my parent’s time in Seattle – so we got some coffee at U. Village and strolled by the Fremont Troll.
We then headed to Belltown Pizza for lunch and met with my friends Brian & Chris!

One thought on “FOLLOW-UP

  1. Cams. It’s brings warmness to my heart kniwing that you are very strong willed! I’m happy to hear your healing well and it melts me even more knowing your family is there with you and will always be, no matter how far! Love u much!

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