So it’s been over four months since my last surgery and I can say that I’m back to my normal daily routine.

Needless to say, if it wasn’t for the scar and the memory, I would think nothing much has happened the last few months. The reality is: this experience has changed my perception of things, small and big. I find joy in the small things, such as a smile from a stranger, a good tear jerker movie, and the colorful piles of leaves building up on the sidewalk. I think I’ve become much more patient and tolerant of situations and just people in general. There are days I can’t help but cry about it, especially when I watch a really sad movie about someone dealing with cancer (I cry hysterically and I just can’t seem to stop – cheesy I know). I’ve learned to accept that life isn’t always fair but also learned to appreciate that everyday I’m here living and recovering is one day more. And considering the cards I’ve been dealt with this year, I really can’t ask for anything more!

Even though I’ve survived the biggest battle of my life, the one thing I still fear the most is that the cancer has come back. I have my first CT scan coming up in a few days, so here’s hoping and praying to great news!


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