I came across Pip’s beautiful blog and I thought it would be fun to do a monthly “Taking Stock”.
Making: me & nancy’s birthday invitation! it’s a tu-tu themed party!
Cooking: nothing, since mom is here =)
Drinking: capri suns
Reading: The Alchemist by. Paulo Coelho on my new Kindle!
Wanting: to stop the clock so I can spend more time with family
Looking: forward to hitting the gym again…NOT, but seriously I need to tone up!
Playing: scramble with friends! I hate to brag, but I’m REALLY good!
Wasting: half cups of coffee
Sewing: nothing….yet
Wishing: that my scar would go away
Enjoying: the amazing weather in N.M.
Waiting: for some arozcaldo that mom just made
Liking: my new Rag & Bone jacket
Wondering: what challenges 2014 will bring
Loving: every moment spent with the family
Hoping: that I have no flight delays back to Seattle
Marvelling: at how lovable Devon is and how much I’m gonna miss all his hugs&kisses
Needing: a new mani and pedi
Smelling: tangerine
Wearing: polka-dots…according to Filipino superstition, anything round signifies prosperity
Following: Jaci around since she doesn’t like to hold my hand
Noticing: that I pretty much gained back all my weight
Knowing: that life is short…make the best of it!
Watching: Devon play Skylanders and afterwards Tangled with Jaci…it’s routine
Listening: to Jaci yell “CAAAAMS”!!!!
Thinking: about how cold it’s going to be in Seattle
Feeling: sad that I’m leaving tomorrow
Bookmarking: my birthday wish list
Opening: my luggage and realizing that I should start packing up
Giggling: at all the amazing photos&videos of this trip
Feeling: happy that I got to spend the holidays with family

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