Happy Birthday to me!
I started off my day with breakfast @ Hector’s with Claudia.
We then headed over to Happy Nails for a mani&pedi! We both got blue&green to represent the Seahawks that’s going to be playing later tonight!
I then headed over to Nancy’s place for a birthday cupcake and for her to doll me up for tonights birthday dinner!
While waiting for the girls to arrive, I had a few drinks at the bar with a couple of friends that came from the Seahawks game! We won the game!
I had a romantic evening with my dear friends at Dahlia Lounge!
Last year was a pretty difficult year for me, having to deal with a monster of an illness and spending my summer months recovering.

So I vow to myself that this year will be one of my best!!! There’s so much out there I’m yearning to see and do- the bucket list goes on! I want to travel more, explore the unexplored, go on a backpacking adventure. I would love to skydive. Learn how to ski. Run a marathon and learn how to swim. Travel to see the Seven Wonders of the World. Finish reading The Wheel of Time. Go to a Beyonce and Katy Perry concert. Cook like Paula Deen cause’ boy do I love fried chicken. Sing with Jimmy Fallon and dance like Shakira! Go to a beach and not be afraid to wear a two-piece. Volunteer some of my time at SCCA. Watch the SEAHAWKS win their first Superbowl.

But everything is on pause right now until I get the results of my first follow-up check on January 23rd.

Wish me luck.

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