Wow…I can’t believe I’m another year older! Time is just cruising by these days! I’m still pretty jetlagged from my trip and all I want to do is SLEEP!!! But I can’t seem to find it when I need it the most…I’m literally wide awake at midnight till about 5 in the morning!!!

So with that being said, I keep myself busy by doing laundry (I think I only did laundry once during my 3 week trip…well my mom did), taking down the Christmas tree (remind you I just got back on the 7th), and most importantly – sorting through the 2000 pictures taken of my amazing trip so I can share with you all the cool things I did!

But first I want to thank everyone for the FB, IG, texts, and phone calls made to make this special day a memorable one!!! Love you all – to infinity and beyond!

I have my next scan coming up at the end of this month. Wish me luck!

Thank you and I’m truly grateful for all the love and support from family and friends near and far.

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