Making: a tiki bar
Cooking: steak fried rice
Drinking: Moscow Mules
Reading: The Passage by Justin Cronin
Wanting: to watch Jurassic World
Looking: for summer clothes
Playing: card games
Wasting: bandaids on my big toe
Wishing: that my email stops getting hacked….so frustrating having to change my password…ALL…THE…TIME!!!
Enjoying: Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale!
Waiting: to purchase vacay tickets
Liking: the summer heat
Wondering: about my next scan
Loving: outdoor movie nights
Hoping: Jon Snow is not really dead; that the red women Melisandre will bring him back to life!
Marveling: that my 1 year is coming up
Needing: to look for a seamstress
Smelling: hotdogs, burgs, & kabobs on the barbie!
Wearing: baseball caps
Following: The New Pike Place MarketFront
Noticing: that I can’t wear necklaces during the summer, I start itching real bad!
Knowing: that I should start looking for a birthday gift for Dad!
Watching: Season 5 of Breaking Bad!
Listening: to Undisclosed on Podcast #freeadnan!
Thinking: about buying a pool
Feeling: like I’m about to melt
Bookmarking: hiking trails
Opening: otter pops
Giggling: at group texts…
Feeling: grateful

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