When Avery was born on April 01, 2017, I took 2 months off from work to care for him. Afterwards, my mother-in-law stayed with us for a bit while I went back to work part-time. Then when Avery was about 5 months old, my mom came and help us out and it was Heaven! I went back to work full time, I ate home cooked meals, laundry was clean and folded, taking Avery’s weekly/monthly photos got a lot easier; I simply loved having my mom around! Then Avery turned one and it was time for my mom to head back home to her husband.

Now we had to figure out what are we going to do with Avery?!?

Should we put him in daycare full time or part time? Should we get a nanny? If I beg hard enough will my mom come back?!? Should I be a stay-at-home mom? The stress was taking a huge toll on me. Part of me wanted to stay at home and be there during his baby-toddler years and another part of me wanted to continue working and put Avery in daycare so he can have that interaction with kids his age. But luckily, when I had a talk with my work – they made it SO simple…you can just WORK FROM HOME!!!

So that’s what happen! I love my job and am extremely grateful for this opportunity of a lifetime! I love Andre even more for all his hard work and patience with me and the path I decided to take.

I work from home Monday-Thursday and go into the office on Fridays. You’re probably thinking where is Avery on Fridays? Well, we were able to get him into a 1 day a week daycare! Total win-win situation!

Work At Home Mom. I truly love it. But it’s tough some day. Many days. Actually being a mom in general is hard. I wake up every morning wondering how and when I’ll get my work done, and it’s a stress that is hard to describe to anyone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand before. I realize this is making working from home sound totally awful, but I’ll get to the good stuff in a minute — I just want to make it clear that working from home with a baby is hard. Harder even when their sick cause that just means they require your full-time care all day, every day.

But at the end of the day, despite the challenges, sickness, and the guilt, I still wouldn’t choose anything else.

Working from home provides more benefits to our family than anything else. Working from home allows me to be the primary caretaker to our baby. Plus, I’m able to experience a lot of firsts with Avery, I get to go on zoo dates, take walks on the park, push him on the swings and catch him at the bottom of the slides, story time at the libraries, have play/coffee dates with other parents and best of all take those much needed naps together.

So, there you have it. A snippet of my mom life ~ I hope there are other WAHMs that can relate.  It’s hard sometimes. But it is what we chose, and what we love, and what we want. No matter what your job and where you do it at. We are all doing our best to be the best. And we are winning at it.

Cheers to all the hard working mamas and daddies out there making great lives for you and your kiddos!


  1. I am so happy you have that opportunity to work from home while raising Avery! If I had kids, I wouldn’t want it any other way either but to be working from home and not miss a moment with my little ones. You are so lucky and Avery is even luckier! And with anything that doesn’t come easy, comes great rewards.

    Cheers to all Mamas out there especially working Mamas, whether they are at home or not 🙂


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