Today our little boy turns 2!!!

To celebrate, we visited the city’s most famous landmark: the 184 meter high, newly renovated Space Needle!

One of the most unique and remarkable feature of the renovation is the sheer amount of glass! The new observation deck offer glass benches called “Skyrisers” where visitors can lean back and “float” above Seattle – kinda scary, but really cool!

They also have what they call The Loupe and it’s the world’s first and only rotating glass floor that glides on a steady 45-minute rotation. The Loupe offers amazing views of Seattle like never before, giving visitors the ability to walk on air while enjoying an exhilarating view of the city below. Watch as the elevators zoom by, and the city bustles right below your feet!

Afterwards we played at the “Artists At Play” Playground and then went to grab Korean food for dinner where Avery blew out his first birthday candle!

Happy Birthday my love!

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