Being one of Tokyo’s oldest neighbourhoods, it’s almost no question what things to do in Asakusa: the Sensoji Temple (also known as The Asakusa Kannon temple) grounds is one of the main highlight of the area and just such a great place to explore!

Before entering the temple complex, you enter through the Kaminarimon (‘kaminari’ = thunder ‘mon’ = gate), leading to the Nakamise shopping street

Surrounding the main temple, there are lots of little ceremonies to take part in. From writing wishes on paper and tying it to a tree or fence, to lighting up incense and a whole cleaning ritual at the dragon fountain… it’s incredible to watch when you have no clue what’s going on!

After shaking a box with wooden sticks, you can read a number from the stick and then find the matching wooden drawer, which hides a fortune message for you (some of them in the main temple building also include English messages, there will be a sign saying that, so fun to try!

Afterwards we went to explore the Nakamise Shopping Street.

Visiting Sensoji Shrine is much more than just one little building. It’s an entire complex full of incredible pieces of architecture from Japan’s past and culinary treats to fuel your body as you explore!!!

So don’t miss out on this great temple and take your time to enjoy as much of it as you can.

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