A giant robot is exactly what many Americans picture when they think of Tokyo. Right?!? Or is it just me?!?

Getting to Odaiba was an adventure in itself! We got lost by which trains to take and when to get off. But we eventually made it there!

Those who visit Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, won’t be disappointed by the 65-foot Unicorn Gundam statue. In Gundam lore, this particular model of robot is covered in “psycho-frame material” that glows pink or green when piloted by a sufficiently powerful “Newtype.” I don’t know what any of that means, but it’s apparently a big deal.

On the whole, the statue was cool, but it’s just a big robot to me. It’s worth seeing if you’re already on Odaiba. Obviously, Gundam fans will love it.

Afterwards, we headed back on the train to a much more livier neighborhood! Harajuku is a popular shopping area that is known as being the hub for Japanese pop culture! We took a stroll down Takeshita street which is filled with unique stores selling unique clothes, food & accessories! Definitely worth visiting just to see the quirky side of fashion in Tokyo!

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