I went glamping in Millersylvania State Park and I had the best time ever doing something completely different to what I have ever done before. I’ve always love camping and hearing about ‘glamping’ – a literal combination of the term “glamorous camping” seem like the next best thing! My friend found a coupon for Pampered Wilderness with $200 off and so we jump on this amazing deal and reserved our glamp spot – The Rustic Retreat!

If you want to get the joys of camping but without all of the difficulties of living in nature, here is why glamping is the perfect choice for you.

It’s comfortable
When you glamp, you’re “roughing it” without the “rough” part.

Forget the tent which you have to contort your body to crawl into, and instead, step into a tall canvas tent with room to spread out. Glamping means real beds that you can get some of your best sleep in — especially in the fresh air of the outdoors. This means that when you have had enough of the great outdoors, you can simply head into your little abode, and warm up for a while. A campfire is all well and good but it’s nothing in comparison with a nice warm bed with central heating inside.

Become in-tune with nature
There are times when we all need to escape back to nature. The fresh air, the feel of soft dirt beneath your feet, the smell of the forest: these are experiences that will remind you that we require nature to recharge and leave the stress behind.

There is something special about being outdoors that helps us eat better, sleep better, and even be better. It’s amazing what even a weekend in a camper, safari tent, or a glam tent will do for you.

Packing, schmacking
Forget the stakes, forget the fly and don’t even worry about the sleeping bags.

When you take the easy way out, you get to pack like you’re going to a hotel room because, that’s pretty much what you’ll get. Pack your clothes, personal items, preferred beverages and the grub you’ll need. That’s it. You save plenty of time by not worrying about what you can’t forget to have fun.

In summary: People who don’t like camping glamp, and people who love camping glamp. Which means everyone gets out in nature, which means we all chill out and become better people.

Happy Trails!

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