All Aboard! When I found out that Thomas the Tank Engine was coming to Seattle for the Day Out With Thomas: The Steam Team Tour 2019, I immediately hopped on the wagon…errr the train!

Avery’s not really a fan on Thomas per se, but he is a fan of trains! Every time he sees the Seattle Monorail or the Light Rail go by he says ‘choo! choo!’.

We headed to the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie where the event was being held. We purchased our tickets beforehand, so there was no line for us to get in. There were so much activities going on that I was quite surprised how well the event was organized. They were multiple tents set up for a puppet show, a train tracks station, coloring activities, a temporary tattoo section & a bouncy house! There’s even live entertainment on the main stage!

But the best part of the event was getting to ride on an original, vintage train car being ‘pulled’ by Thomas. The ride is about 25 minutes long and travels about 1.3 miles to an overlook of Snoqualmie Falls and the Snoqualmie River. Avery was loving it, he was waving to the people outside and kept say ‘choo, choo’ and ‘wow, mama’!

After the ride, we were able to take some photos in front of Thomas the Train! We had a great time and I highly recommend it, especially if you have a little Thomas the Tank Engine fans in your home.

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