I’ll be the first to admit that a trip to Sacramento was never really on the top of my bucket list.  My main reason to go to Sacramento was that Andre had an work event to go to. I went into my stay thinking there would be no way I’d write a blog post on Sacramento.  I sure was wrong.

While Andre was at work, me and Avery explored California’s capital!

Fairytale Town

Definitely a place for younger kids. The grounds were expansive, enchanting, whimsical, engaging, and well-laid out. We had a great afternoon, combining education, active play, and imagination as we toured props from The Crooked Mile to The Woman in the Shoe to the live animals kept on site.

This is a magical experience where children can run free and experience all sorts of activities that spur their creative thinking!!!

California State Railroad Museum

Probably one of the BEST train museum that I’ve been to. There’s a ton of different types of trains and train cars, plus there are all these interactive exhibits that have the trains on the tracks, and they have things build up around them just to show you what the train would’ve been going to during that period. Seriously, this place was amazing!

But, the real magic for the kids happens upstairs. Case after case displays model trains where Avery loves to wander and make train noises. Then there is the big viewing window where toy trains are brought to life in a miniature city. Avery love to run back and forth and push the buttons to make the trains go. And finally, there was Thomas the Train play area! Honestly, I could bring a book and sit there for hours while Avery play. It’s great!

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