I had very few things I really needed to do on our trip to Las Vegas, besides soaking in the warmth of the southwest and getting a little break from the freezing temperatures in Seattle. I’ve wanted to see the Hoover Dam and lucky for us, it’s just a 40 minute drive from the Vegas strip!

We did the Powerplant Tour which is a 30-minute guided tour and admission to the Visitor Center & Powerplant.

The first thing that we did was take an elevator down 530 feet to the lower levels of the dam. From there we took a quick little walk through the passageways into a room called the penstock viewing room. We were basically standing over a 30 foot diameter pipe that transports 90,000 gallons of water per second. As you stand there, there is a constant vibration in the room, which is the water running underneath you… just crazy to think about. It’s pretty amazing just how big everything is, especially when you walk into the powerplant area with the generators. The picture that I took doesn’t even really convey the actual size of everything.

Other than that, we thought the tour was very informational and quite interesting. It was a great little side trip to our Las Vegas trip and because it only took about 40 minutes to drive out to the dam, it was just a small part of our day.

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