Perched high above Alfama is the breathtaking Castelo de São Jorge, located on top of the tallest of Lisbon’s seven hills in the historic centre of the Alfama’s old Moorish quarter. With breathtaking views and plenty of historical charm, Castelo de São Jorge was a must stop for us while in Lisbon. Dating back to mid-11th century, the castle is a throwback to the Moorish architecture and days gone by.

It is quite the trek to get to the castle from the city centre. Steep, cobbled streets and alleyways can be difficult to navigate, but are very interesting to see. You can also take couple of trams to get there or a cab! We opted for the cab since we had a toddler and stroller to wrangle with!

There are many lookout points, towers and stairs long the castle walls. The journey doesn’t take that long, depending on how often you stop. There are safety railings everywhere, which makes it safer to get around. The views are truly spectacular, the castle is high enough that it stands apart from the rest of the city!

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