My sis leaves today to head back to her family in New Mexico. I’m so grateful that I was able to have a personal nurse, chauffeur, cook, and maid by side during this whole recovery period. I also had my 3-week post-surgery appointment with Dr. Pillarisetty and so far everything checks out good!!!


Mom, today is your day. For all the times you sent me encouraging letters, birthday/holiday cards, & text messages…thank you! For all the times that I have called and you have answered…thank you! For cutting your P.I. trip short so you can be by my side at the hospital…thank you! For giving me those soothing [...]


My brother is leaving today for a one year deployment to South Korea. He just got back a couple weeks ago from being stationed in Germany for over 3 years. I’ve always admired the hard work and dedication he puts in for work and for his family. He’s always been supportive and always willing to [...]


I’m delighted to introduce my sister Diane Salas as a guest blogger. She has been with me since the very beginning of this journey and I’m very thankful for her strength and compassion in keeping things together when things for me seem to fall apart. Spirituality I can still recall the night I was told [...]