Here it is…my forever scar.

It’s all one-piece bathing suits from here on out.

Removal of the staples was not as bad as I thought it would be. I just don’t like to feel pain, and when it came time to remove the first few staples it felt like someone was pinching me…20 times! The second time I went back, it didn’t hurt as much.

Time heals all wounds and I’ll be arming myself with a ton of Mederma!

5 thoughts on “STITCHES & STAPLES

  1. Wear that scar proudly girl! You’re doing amazing!!! So amazed at how strong you are and the love and support your friends and family are pouring out to you makes me have soooo much faith in certain human beings! Your going to get through this and look back and say “I kicked that in the BUTT!”. Will be praying and sending good and positive thoughts your way!!!

  2. And you know you’ll be able to sport that one-piece suit better than anyone else with that hot body of yours! 😉

  3. Those battle scars will be a constant reminder of your mental, physical, and spiritual strength once you defeat this cancer….And you will defeat this! It will remind you that there is nothing you cannot overcome. You are a fighter and you have always been a fighter. You are an inspiration to me and to many others. Our God is a healing god and He will help you get through this. Stay strong, girlfriend! loveya! ~ shai

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