Looking back to when I didn’t have any family in Seattle, my close friends and I would get together and have a “Friendsgiving” event. Fast forward 10 years later and we managed to continue our “Friendsgiving” tradition to include more friends as well as our loved ones. This is great because there is so much more food than you can imagine!

Friendsgiving is definitely an event that I look forward to every year, but what makes this year even better is that the Seattle Seahawks are playing their biggest rival the San Francisco 49ers! Go Hawks!!!

I also want to take this moment and just thank everyone for their continued support. Without your unconditional love, continued prayers, and the amazing Dr. Pillarisetty & medical staff @ SCCA., I wouldn’t be where I’m at today, so a big THANK YOU!

Have a great Thanksgiving Day and if you plan on doing some Black Fridayshopping, just be safe out there!

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