Every year after Black Friday, we venture out to Mt. Creek Tree farm in Snoqualmie and chop ourselves the perfect Christmas tree. It snowed the night before so you can imagine the tree farm was a picture perfect winter wonderland! The snow on the ground and on the Christmas trees with Mt. Rainier as the backdrop was just drop dead gorgeous!
(my lil snowball keeping me warm)
In my eyes, the perfect Christmas tree is a “Charlie Brown” tree! I know what you’re thinking…”a Charlie Brown?!? That’s not even a real tree!” To me, the Charlie Brown tree is a pretty sad tree with barely any branches on it and is about 4 ft tall. I do have a fake Charlie tree that I got from Urban Outfitters a couple years ago, but it’s not the same as having a real one!
But trying to obtain the perfect Charlie Brown tree with Ry is never easy. We always argue (which is normal since this always happens every year); but in the end we always find ourselves in the Frasier Fir lot and choose one that is a wee bit sad, but a branchier Charlie tree! I love the Frasier Firs, it my absolute favorite among all the other types of trees in the lot. We ended up going with a 7ft tall and skinny tree. It’s pretty funny looking; we didn’t realize how skinny it was till we got home since it was cover with so much snow on it!! But I love it, especially coming home and the house smelling of Christmas!
ornament spread
of course…the first ornament was the “C”
can’t forget these ‘lil homies
adding the final touch
One of these years, my search for Charlie Brown will come to an end!

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