I told myself that once I had a family, I would start the holiday tradition of Christmas cards! My friend is an avid Christmas card giver and she has used all sort of sites and recommended that Minted was the best one. So I tried it for our first family card and I absolutely loved [...]


Moore Coffee Shop is my all-time favorite local spot! It’s small and cozy and they take coffee art to a whole ‘nother level. They’re well known for it's unique, cute, fun, infamous latte art ranging from dogs, to lions, bears, and bunnies, even Hello Kitty and Shrek! I usually order the Nutella mocha, which is [...]


Today is Labor Day and my friend and I decided to go hiking! We wanted something easy and rewarding and what we stumbled upon was Franklin Falls! It's 1.2 miles each way and there's only about 400 feet elevation gain, so it's great for beginners or those with pets or children. The trail is well [...]


Why I started blogging... emerged soon after I was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma in the summer of 2013. While I was recovering at Evergreen Hospital from my first surgery, my sister Diane commented that I should consider starting a journal. So I did…I wrote about my thoughts, the pain, hospital food, etc... just about anything [...]


Looking back to when I didn’t have any family in Seattle, my close friends and I would get together and have a “Friendsgiving” event. Fast forward 10 years later and we managed to continue our “Friendsgiving” tradition to include more friends as well as our loved ones. This is great because there is so much [...]