Making: a to-do list for my trip next month
Cooking: cornsoup…perfect for the cold weather
Drinking: Space Dust IPA from Elysian Brewing
Reading: “Locke & Key” written by Joe Hill and featuring artwork from Gabriel Rodriguez
Wanting: some ghetto chicken
Looking: forward to chopping down a christmas tree
Playing: with the new Pyrenees puppy…Brie!
Wasting: time worrying
Sewing: one day this will happen
Wishing: for good deals during Black Friday
Enjoying: my Madewell skinny skinny jeans…my new favs!
Waiting: for bus 545
Liking: #bestiebox
Wondering: how to make green bean casserole
Loving: the holiday season
Hoping: that one day, they’ll find a cure!
Marveling: at how fortunate I’ve been
Needing: motivation to hit the gym, the weather is absolutely no help at all!
Smelling: like pho…it’s horrible
Wearing: a yellow coat
Following: faithforfallon.com
Noticing: that I have a green thumb…my office plants are still alive. Yes!
Knowing: a secret that I can’t tell…so don’t ask!
Watching: season 4 of “The Walking Dead”…no spoiler alert pls!
Listening: to Sam Smith…his voice…OMG!
Thinking: about bathingsuits&beaches
Feeling: a bit of giddy&nervous all at the same time
Bookmarking: tourist sites and must-eats for Korea
Opening: my storage box full of christmas goodies
Giggling: with the girls during our clothing swap…so much fun!
Feeling: blessed

One thought on “TAKING STOCK 08

  1. Love your blog surveys, I will have to borrow to spice up my site if it’s ok ;). Hope you’re having a wonderful time in the Philippines and South Korea with your family! Merry Christmas again and wishing you a blessed happy new year!!

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