Making: vacation albums
Cooking: chicken&shrimp pasta
Drinking: Vinacafe Premium Coffee Mix…just add water! It’s actually pretty darn good!
Reading: Rose Gardner Mysteries by. Denis Grover Swank
Wanting: a bike with a cute ‘lil basket!
Looking: for one-piece bathing suits
Playing: Trivia Crack! find&play with me @cams012
Wasting: eyeliner…I’m just learning how to do the cat eye thing…
Wishing: for a puppy!
Enjoying: BINGO!
Waiting: for my tax return
Liking: that ATT&T now offers roll over data, which is not really saying much since I always go over my limit…but hey, anything helps!
Wondering: what color I should dye my hair
Loving: the GIF keyboard
Hoping: to start gardening
Marveling: at the endless amount of split-ends I have and I just recently had a haircut!
Needing: a massage…my back hurts!
Smelling: Spring florals!
Wearing: lokai bracelet
Following: US The Duo…such a cute and talented couple!
Noticing: that I have a thing for mangoes…mango juice, mango gummy candies, dried mango…
Knowing: that I should start organizing a spring clean-up soon
Watching: Korean movies on Netflix
Listening: to Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding
Thinking: good thoughts
Feeling: sleepy…zzzzz
Bookmarking: birthday presents for the sister
Opening: a bag of shrimp chips
Giggling: at Mii
Feeling: HAPPY for my friend Aurora Fallon for finishing up her chemo treatment. Read about her journey here!

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