Making: valentine’s day grams
Cooking: breakfast for dinner
Drinking: Ace pineapple cider
Reading: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Wanting: more minutes in a day
Looking: back at photos/vids of our Oma Lodge weekend getaway…so much fun!!!
Playing: QuizUp! find me camster012
Wasting: false lashes
Wishing: for good news on March 8
Enjoying: GoPro 4 Hero
Waiting: for tickets to SF to go down
Liking: secret little rendezvous
Wondering: when I will have time to finish my online albums
Loving: the view of the Camlin sign
Hoping: to get a good return on my taxes
Marveling: at my new Crowns Octobrella!! a perfect accessory for the Pacific Northwest! thanks sis, I love it!
Needing: energy and a ton of it…so I can start hitting the gym again
Smelling: Voluspa candles…man I just love those things
Wearing: Masunaga reading glasses
Following: or at least trying to follow a diet plan
Noticing: once again that my closet is getting out of hand…so glad spring is just around the corner
Knowing: that it’s time to move on
Watching: contouring makeup tutorials on youtube
Listening: to Criminal on Podcast
Thinking: about the beautiful island of Guam…it’s been 6 years since I’ve been back, I think it’s time to go home
Feeling: grateful for everyone taking the time to greet me on the 11th …thank you
Bookmarking: concerts & shows
Opening: late birthday presents
Giggling: at my mom’s FB messages
Feeling: super excited about Mardi Gras & New York adventures next month

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