I’m remembering summer of 2013 after my first surgery when they were unable to remove my tumor, I was scheduled to start having chemotherapy. I was terrified of course, but more so terrified of losing my hair. You’re probably thinking this should be the least of my worries (and it was), but it’s still a big part of who I am – it’s my comfort, my personality, my femininity, and especially a big boost in my self-esteem. It’s days like this I can’t help but acknowledge those who share in my love of hair!

I just want to give a brief shout out to my hair colorist Tia from Canvas Studio in Renton. She does an amazing job with getting the color I want and she’s really easy to work with. Plus she loves to travel so it makes sitting on that chair much more comfortable when we get to share our travel stories!
Check her out or follow her on IG for great color/cut ideas!

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