#TBT 04.17.15

Throwback Thursday…to last Friday night - getting piggyback in front of my favorite local hangout! Once 4:30 p.m. rolls around on a Friday evening, you can be sure to find me at the Athenian Inn Seafood Restaurant and Bar located right inside Pike Place Market. I’ve been coming here for years!!! Not only did it [...]


Today marks the first entry of my 365 day blog book. As one of my New Year's resolutions, I'd like to spend less of my time on Facebook and more time blogging. Just so I could focus on things that matter in life- achievements, goals, friends, family, traveling, nature, health, fitness, and just about anything [...]


My dear friend Melanie who I’ve known since the 5th grade has been there by my side to lesson my burden and help me carry this load. I love her and I’m happy to have her as my guest blog for the month. A Blessing in Disguise I think cancer is everyone’s greatest fear, they [...]