A trip to Amsterdam would not be complete without a visit to the Anne Frank Museum, which is located in the house where Anne and her family hid for all that time. Here you can walk through the rooms where the families lived, and stand in the actual space where Anne scribbled away in her notepad, writing the words that have been read by millions since. You can also take a peek into the space where Anne slept, and the wall on which she pinned up pictures of movie stars she admired and Royal Family figures that she was interested in.

Perhaps the most powerful part of the tour is the room where the group’s fates are displayed. There are photo’s of each person on the wall – beside them are the dates of their birth and death, which camp they were sent to and original nazi documents – including death certificates.

The exhibition area leads into a small, dark room where Anne’s actual diary is kept, along with pages of her other writings preserved behind glass. A video featuring an interview with Otto Frank describes how Anne’s diary was saved by one of the business’ employees and eventually published after it was given to Otto upon his return to Amsterdam to see if anyone in his family had survived. The tour of the museum ends in the temporary exhibition room which, during the week that we saw the museum, showcased photos of Anne through the years.

We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.

Anne Frank

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