Making: furikake chex mix
Cooking: Korean bulgogi
Drinking: Shirley Temples
Reading: Finders Keepers by Stephen King
Wanting: a baby girl
Looking: pretty pregnant now that I’ve reach 24 weeks!
Playing: slot machines
Wasting: chap sticks…I keep losing those suckers!
Wishing: everyday that the baby is healthy and that deliver will be a piece of cake
Enjoying: all sorts of face masks
Waiting: to see if ThredUp bought any of my clothes
Liking: the Baby Pics app, such a great app to see the belly transition growth
Wondering: how my belly will shape with the scar and all
Loving: our lit up pine smelling Christmas tree and coming home to it
Hoping: to start weaving looms
Marveling: at how lucky I am to have such an amazing guy by my side!
Needing: a new winter jacket, it is so damn cold right now!
Smelling: fried chicken!!! the bf makes them so damn perfect!
Wearing: Paige maternity jeans
Following: the Seahawks to San Francisco
Noticing: that my dreams are more vivid and crazy since the pregnancy
Knowing: that I did a pretty good job with picking Christmas presents for friends & family
Watching: all sorts of movies on Kodi
Listening: to Moth Podcast, I even got a chance to attend a live showing! It was great!
Thinking: of baby names…won’t know the sex of the babe till April 2017!
Feeling: pain in my lower back…thank goodness for those pregnancy massages!
Bookmarking: everything that deals with baby stuffs! I’m so excited!
Opening: Christmas presents!
Giggling: at the baby movements and loving every minute of it!
Feeling: extremely grateful to be surrounded with wonderful people this holiday season

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! I hope you all get to relax and enjoy quality time with your friends and family.

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