I personally love reading these types of posts, so I hope you enjoy finding out some new facts about yours truly! Let’s get started, shall we? To celebrate turning 34 today – here are 34 things you probably don’t know about me!

1. I’m horrible at giving driving directions!
2. I HATE PEAS!!! Always have!
3. Every time Resident Evil, Lord of the Rings, or Friends is showing on cable t.v., I will (pretty much) always watch it!
4. I can’t stand wearing socks. It’s annoying how they always tend to slip right off my shoes and then makes walking quite uncomfortable.
5. Collector of snow globes, pencils, and postcards!
6. I use to have a boxer name Casey and she was the best dog EVEEEEEER!!!!
7. I steam ALL my clothes – hardly ever iron, I can’t stand wrinkles.
8. I’ve been to 13 States and 10 Countries
9. While trying to get my driver license in Seattle, I failed the written test 3 times before passing. I never really studied and figure it was similar to driving in Guam! Boy was I wrong!
10. I’m a nail-biter, the only way I stop is when I have nail polish on!
11. Born in Philippines, raised in Guam, and became an adult in Seattle!
12. I don’t like cooking!!!! As well as baking!!! Annnnd cleaning the bathroom!!!!
13. I never learned how to do laundry till I moved to Seattle and I still get confused on which settings I should use!
14. I can never figure out how to spell February or definitely
15. I’ve once lied on my resume to get a job (which I got) only to get fired a few month later because I couldn’t figure out how to do my job! Oooops!
16. I don’t really have a favorite color. If shoved into the corner and manhandled until I came up with one, I might say grey … or dark green. But I might also change my mind as you walked away and say pink!
17. When I first moved to Seattle and started to attend Seattle Central Community College, I was placed in an ESL class cause I failed the English portion of the computer test. I retook the test cause come on now…people from Guam speak English!
18. I think of my favorite foods in terms of the texture they have. I love crunchy things!
19. The more excited I get, the louder I talk (which can make swearing all the more inappropriate)
20. I’m still scared of the dark and if I’m sleeping by myself I HAVE to HAVE the t.v. turned on!
21. Love bowling! I was in a bowling club back in Middle School and continue to bowl as least once a week after 10 p.m. at the Garage cause it’s happy hour!
22. My favorite shows growing up were Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210. I am pretty sure I have seen every single episode. Zack Morris and Dylan Mckay were my crushes.
23. Counting this past election, I’ve only voted once in my life and that person didn’t even win! Pretty lame!
24. I once bought an essay paper online cause I just had too many things going or maybe I just forgot about it but whatever the case was I passed the class!!
25. I have no tattoos and the only piercing I have is on my ears! I’m a BIG wussy when it comes to pain!
26. The first car that I ever bought is a 2007 blue Honda Civic, which I’m still driving by the way!!! F car payments!
27. I can’t eat a banana because I hate the taste and texture but I don’t mind them in smoothies or made as ice-cream!
28. I didn’t like reading until 8 years ago. I hated it actually and couldn’t read more than a couple of pages before falling asleep. Now I read a couple of books a month.
29. I once got my hair burned off from a backyard 4th of July firework show!
30. I always wanted to be a flight attendant growing up!
31. My first concert was Dr. Dre at Showbox Seattle! Yep, I was a gansta at one point!
32. I borrowed my friends car and drove it to my last school day college only to come back out and realize it was stolen! The car was found 2 days later, a block from where I worked and for over 5 months I was driving the car using a screwdriver! Classic!
33. My gamer name is Camster and I enjoy playing Call of Duty Zombie.
34. I started blogging over 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with Leiomayoscarcoma (soft tissue cancer) and wanted a way to document my experiences so friends&family were kept up-to-date with any progresses made. Fast forward….I’m healthy and happy as ever and the reason why I continue to blog is because I enjoy documenting my day to day life experiences as well as my travel adventures!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to greet me whether it was on social media, phone calls or texts, or just taking the time to come visit me! Thank you!!! Love you guys!


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