I want to acknowledge and give a great big shout out to Dr. Venu Pillarisetty, my surgical oncologist. He exuded so much confidence in his own capabilities, I knew from day one I was in good hands. Working with him has been an incredible journey. He has always been so upfront about the pros and cons of pre/post surgery. He has an amazing outlook towards life; to not take things for granted and always maintain a positive attitude– definitely something I’ll always keep with me.

4 thoughts on “MY HERO

  1. Extended shout out to Dr. Venu Pillarisetty!! Thank you for tending to my cousin’s cancer AND for modeling a wonderful mindset!! The former gives her life. The latter ensures she lives it well. Big hugs!!

  2. We are sending you the brightest wishes . . . To say that each day brings your renewed strength, brighter times and a healthier happier you. Get well soon. You are always in our prayers.

    We love you.
    Auntie Cora & Uncle Joe

  3. We are so happy the surgery went so well and hope that you are feeling better and stronger every day!

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