So I’m on a strict liquid diet, given that I’ve been having a lot of stomach pains. The tomato soup is the best soup the hospital has to offer (no joke) as well as the jello. The ensure was not that bad, it’s quite filling. Yet on the other hand, the Oikos Greek yogurt was [...]


Today they put in a PICC line; it’s similar to a standard IV and is inserted in my upper left arm. It was somewhat a painful process but I get to keep it in for a year if needed. The joy of having the PICC line is that I don’t have to get poked or [...]


So I’m back in the ER after vomiting and feeling nauseated the past couple of days. I just can’t seem to keep anything down and it hurts soooo bad just to throw up. I think it was the combination of stress, overexertion, and simply not taking better care of myself after being discharged . I [...]


This morning I woke up with a scratchy throat and after I had a sip of my morning coffee, I started throwing up. I took some pain medication and nausea medicine, but that came right back out. I spent the rest of the day vomiting and feeling nauseated, I ended up going to the ER [...]


Ahhhh…today is a beautiful day. I got discharged yesterday at 6:00 pm after a full week of recovery. It felt strange stepping out of the hospital, like I was in another world or something. Especially when it’s nice and sunny and the only clothes you have on are the pajamas you wore a week ago. [...]


My mom finally arrived from her vacation in the Philippines last night. She was a bit hysterical as she walked into the room. She kept crying and asking how I was doing, I told her that I was fine and that she needs to just calm down for a bit. I don’t know how long [...]


Today was a huge milestone. I’ve been at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland recovering from surgery and doing pretty well. I’m able to get up on my own and walk around, plus I’m not pushing my pains meds every ten minutes. It has been six days since I have had anything to eat and I’m ready [...]


I’m truly grateful for the amount of love I’m receiving from friends and families. So many people have stopped by to keep me company and keep me up-to-date with the latest news and gossip. My recovery days have been filled with a ton of flowers, magazines, and laughter and I couldn’t ask for a better [...]