So I’m on a strict liquid diet, given that I’ve been having a lot of stomach pains. The tomato soup is the best soup the hospital has to offer (no joke) as well as the jello. The ensure was not that bad, it’s quite filling. Yet on the other hand, the Oikos Greek yogurt was disgusting.

I should be going home tomorrow and will definitely be on a strict diet. Mainly smoothies and soups and eventually work my way up to solids.

One thought on “SPECIAL DIET

  1. Hi camy it’s Lena,
    I just heard about your cancer today I’m so sorry honey, I know exactly what you’re going through, I had two biopsies!! I had to get my fafa sliced open and a bone marrow biopsy while I was awake kill me now!! I was almost diagnosed with cancer Until the doctors realized it was lupus, Having your body reject itself for the rest of your life sucks!!! What sucks even more is half the time the doctors don’t know what to do for me!! Any way I’m Just letting you know you’re in my prayers, and I pray they get the whole Tumor out!!!! I’m hear for you and I love you!! I’m on Instagram by the way to many nosey people on FB lol!! If you need any thing I’m here!! I hope you get some good donations! I know the hospital bills are crazy as hell!!! XOXO Lena

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