pull my finger
Today was a huge milestone. I’ve been at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland recovering from surgery and doing pretty well. I’m able to get up on my own and walk around, plus I’m not pushing my pains meds every ten minutes. It has been six days since I have had anything to eat and I’m ready for a meal.

But first I have to pass gas which I’m normally pretty good at, but the past few days it’s been a challenge. So at 9:00 am, while my sis and I were watching t.v, my wish “FINALLY” came true. Boy was I excited, I screamed to my sis “hey I did it, I farted”, she was just as excited as I was. I started texting and calling all my close friends and they were all giving me the hip-hip hooray…it was awesome!

And so for my first meal, it was your basic chicken broth, cranberry juice, hot tea, and red jello. Everything was bland, but who am I to complain…it’s better than ice chips any day.

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