Today is my 2nd opinion day at SCCA. I was quite nervous about this meeting mainly because I don’t know what the doctors will be saying about my case. First off, everyone at SCCA were all really nice and very attentive. I met with Dr. Pollack who is the Chemo Specialist and Dr. Kane who is the Radiation Specialist.

Before going into SCCA, Evergreen has already made chemo plans with me, which is the reason I got the PICC line in the first place. Now going into SCCA, Dr. Pollack indicated that I may not have to undergo chemo and they may be able to surgically remove the tumor based on the initial assessment of my scans. This by far was the best news EVER!!! I’m scared and worried about doing another surgery so soon, but if we can take this enemy out; then I’ll do whatever it takes.

So this Friday, I have a meeting with Dr. Pillarisetty,the Surgical Sarcoma Surgeon. If he does not feel confident in the removal of the tumor, then I’ll be meeting with Dr. Pollack about chemo treatment. Wish me luck!

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