I got discharged from UW hospital yesterday, which I thought was a little too quick considering I just had major surgery four days ago. They removed all my staples and replaced it with steri strips. My PICC line was also removed and my poor arm looks so bruised up.

I’ve been feeling quite miserable since and mainly because my pain is 10x worse than before. I have no desire to eat, but with all the medications I’m taking there’s no way I can do it with an empty stomach.

On the plus side, I have Molly, Maxi, and Beau to keep me company as well as a new companion to lean on, Pepper Panda.

5 thoughts on “A PANDA & 3 PUPPIES

  1. Pepper Panda is so cute – and so are your doggies!!! I know they can’t make the pain go away, but I’m sure they are watching you carefully. Hang in there – everyone is so rooting for you!

  2. Hey Cuz! Keep fighting and we’re prayin’ for ya…you may not feel so good to eat, but man..your dogs seem to be well fed….keep on battling!

    1. Looks like you have lots of big and cuddlies!! Fight on, Camille. There are many of us who have your back.

  3. So warming to see you smile cams! And oh my how I love your dogs and panda bear, all perfect to cuddle!! Love u lots!

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