Making: a summer book list
Cooking: …more like boiling eggs for breakfast
Drinking: hello kitty mocha
Reading: IT by Stephen King
Wanting: to see Pixar in Concert at the Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Looking: forward to garage sales
Playing: with CamMe (a new selfie app)
Wasting: at least $20 a week on scratch/lotto tickets-can’t say I didn’t try!
Sewing: on buttons in my newly thrifted jacket
Wishing: my dear sister Diane the happiest birthday ever! love her!
Enjoying: rainbows&sunshines
Waiting: for my tax return to arrive…I have big travel plans!
Liking: my new lunch spot – Matt’s in the Market
Wondering: where I can find a really cute yellow dress for a wedding
Loving: Spring time – especially the colorful tulips and cherry blossoms tree
Hoping: for a sizzling hot summer
Marveling: at my amazing artwork collection
Needing: someone to take away this 50” Pioneer Elite CRT
Smelling: Squash – best car air freshener
Wearing: sandals&flip-flops
Following: a diet plan (or at least trying to)
Noticing: that my skin feels a lot smoother from using Clarisonic
Knowing: that I have a bad habit of picking at my nails and I need to stop
Watching: The Voice
Listening: to Pitbull – Wild Wild Love ft. G.R.L.
Thinking: about oil pulling
Feeling: like a failure since I ate fried food before Lent even ended
Bookmarking: printers
Opening: Nancy&James wedding invitation
Giggling: at the movie “The Heat”
Feeling: happy that another good friend has moved to Washington

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