I attended the Arcade Lights at Seattle Pike Place Market. The event includes a taste of handcrafted sweet and savory bites as well as a sampling of finely crafted beer and wines from over 60 local artisan foods and drink purveyors.
For $40.00 you get ten tokens, a souvenir glass, and a purple handkerchief. It’s a token per sample and they give a pretty generous portion for both food and drinks.
I always enjoy going to events where you can get a taste of local foods and drinks, mingle with great company and top it off with perfect weather. (Seattle “perfect” in my book is when it’s not raining!)
Some of my favorites were:
1. Sweet Iron Waffles
2. Fremont Brewing Company
3. Ninkasi Brewing
4. Piroshky Piroshky
5. Uli’s Famous Sausage
6. Pampeana Empanadas
7. Pike Brewing
8. Pike Place Fish
9. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese
10. Bunchgrass Winery
I would definitely recommend Arcade Lights to anyone who hasn’t gone!

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