unnamedMom, today is your day.
For all the times you sent me encouraging letters, birthday/holiday cards, & text messages…thank you!
For all the times that I have called and you have answered…thank you!
For cutting your P.I. trip short so you can be by my side at the hospital…thank you!
For giving me those soothing foot massages…thank you!
For your unconditional love…thank you!

For being patient with me…thank you!
For giving me faith and believing in God …thank you!
For the amazing meals you cook for us and for teaching me how to cook…thank you!
For reminding me to always use sunscreen…thank you!
For the endless hugs, kisses, and support…thank you!

Yes, today is Mother’s Day, but truthfully everyday day is Mother’s Day. Because every day you deserve to hear thank you and I love you.

Mom, thank you and I love you.

One thought on “DEAR MOM

  1. Thank you to my awesome and precious daughter. Me and dad are always here for you with our unending love and support. God bless you always and forever.

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