Living in Seattle for over 10 years, I’ve never heard about this cruise. I love doing tourist-y things for the first time. Mind you, I’ve pretty much done every tourist-y thing there is to do Seattle…at least 5 times!!! So you can say that I’ll be a great tourist guide for anyone wanting to visit Seattle! But this Ice Cream Cruise was a first! My friend Mel stumbled upon this gem while trying to figure what to do since another friend has moved to Washington a few week ago.
So you’re probably wondering what the “Scoop” is about?
Basically, it’s a 45 minute cruise that starts from South Lake Union and heads up towards Gas Work Park and then back to land.
Sleepless in Seattle houseboat
Dale Chihuly’s studio
The best part was enjoying a root beer float with chocolate ice-cream on a gorgeous afternoon day!

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