Making: shishkabobs
Cooking: …more like bbq’ing steaks and ribs
Drinking: cranberry mojitos
Reading: “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt
Wanting: to find an outdoor swimming pool so I can relax and soak up the sun
Looking: forward to my sidekick getting married next month
Playing: with the puppies
Wasting: food…I don’t have much of an appetite these days
Sewing: I think I should take this category out
Wishing: for no more cancer
Enjoying: the “cool touch” Kleenex, feels so good on your stuffy nose
Waiting: patiently for that miracle
Liking: this hot weather!!!
Wondering: about what color to paint my toes/nails
Loving: the mornings
Hoping: everything goes well with my treatment
Marveling: at the radiation machine that I’m in everyday; the way it spins around is pretty cool
Needing: to sell my clothes…I’ve already broken 3 garment racks
Smelling: nothing…my allergies have taken over my sense of smell
Wearing: short shorts
Following: FIFA!!! Go Messi!
Noticing: that I have over 60 snowglobes…crazy!
Knowing: that July is going to be a busy month-so much exciting things going on!
Watching: Orange is the new Black!! I’m soooo addicted!
Listening: to “The Cranberries” on Pandora
Thinking: about my family – I miss them!
Feeling: nauseous
Bookmarking: getaways
Opening: a lot of mail
Giggling: at the FIFA commercials
Feeling: tired

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