This Fourth of July weekend was one of the best I’ve had so far! I can clearly remember last year pretty well because it was during the time I had my first surgery. So being well off than last year, I wanted to make the best of this holiday. Luckily a friend had a pool house up in Lake Chelan and was kind enough to invite a few people over to enjoy some sun, bbq, pool, and fireworks.

Another great thing about the 4th was that I didn’t have any radiation appointment. But before heading out, I asked the dr. if I was able to be out in the sun and work on a tan. And he said as long as my stomach was covered up then you shouldn’t have any problems.
The drive was about 3 hours long, but at least it was a scenic drive going through . As soon as we got there, we all quickly changed into our swim wear and jumped right into the pool so we can cool off. The water was so refreshing! As the evening came upon us, we bbq some steaks and just enjoyed the nice cool air. Everyone seemed worn out from the drive and the sun that we all decided to skip the fireworks and watch Dark Secrets on Netflix.
The next day we ventured out into town and enjoyed some delicious burgers and shakes from Lakeview Drive-In. We also stocked up on drinks and food at the local Safeway store and then headed back to the pool house! It was another 90 degree weather of just lying at the pool, playing some ladder ball and shooting some bb guns. It was a perfectly relaxing weekend getaway!!!

Special thanks to Frame!

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